Handling and Set Up

DT Motorsports offers the best handling dirt bike to 3 wheeler conversion kit on the market.

These builds have the lowest seat height, best steering rake, trail setting, clamp offsets, and fully usable suspension.

Our set up gives you with maximum ground clearance, which means your frame will not bottom out into the ground.

Our kits are designed to accommodate the most oem and aftermarket parts, not only does it make for a factory like appearance, it gives you a wide selection of part options!

You get a premium ride with no issues!

We don't offset our rear ends like the other guys! 

Avoid the hassle of over spending for a lousy set up and get yourself on a machine that can perform today!

Set the bar!

At the Sand dunes or at the MX track the DT Motorsports 3 wheeler conversion kit is the leading kit in the industry! No other dirt bike to 3 wheeler kits can compete with this set up!

Aftermarket, Custom, Service, Repair, Restoration

From custom builds to engine rebuilds, We have you covered! Call us today and get a quote!