2006-09 YZ450F or YZ250F Subframe Brackets To Run A YFZ450 Subframe

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These brackets allow you to run a YFZ450 subframe on your YZ450F which then allows you to run a Yfz seat (seat will need a very small amount of trimming where it slides onto the gas tank to slide further on, about a 1/4"), airbox, grab bar, and even rear fender on you 2006-2009 Yamaha YZ450F or YZ250F dirt bike.

Laser Cut and precision broke! Powder Coated Black and you will end up with a 31" (roughly) rear seat height when running a 20" rear tire and have your suspension sag set correctly

These will require some washers and spacers not included, you will need to space the right hand side upper mount hole over until the mounting nut clears your shock reservoir (about 3 washers), the lower subframe mount hole will require a spacer on each side (around 13mm, 1/2") then tighten to take up the rest of the gap

Recommended bolt lengths not including the head is 30mm for the top subframe mount holes and 45mm for the lowers this will get you where you need to be, lower holes are slightly slotted so that you can run all years of yfz subframe stock to aftermarket, if you have a tight fitment issue with your stock subframe where it transitions from the upper hole to the lower hole trim it a little until it has a good fit, put your lock washer on the bolt head side of things to give more nut clearance at the reservoir.

Call during business hours for fitment help or questions, I am happy to help! these work great and you will be happy with them.