05-2020 YZ250 2 Stroke Subframe Mounts To Use a YFZ450 Subframe

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These mounts will allow you to run the YFZ450 sport quad subframe, seat, airbox, rear fender, and grab bar on your YZ250 (for a 3 wheeler conversion application or rear fender can be trimmed to use on a snow bike application)

This is for 2 mounts LH side(x1) and RH side(x1)

Additional mounting hardware is needed that you can find at your local hardware store, both sides need equal spacing of 19mm (3/4") on the bottom subframe mount holes, if you do not space evenly the subframe will be out of alignment

Made from laser cut steel, that is precision broke, and Powder coated black

You will end up with a 30" seat height roughly, when running 20" rear tires and have your suspension sag set correctly

Slight fitment mods needed (look below)

seat pan (where it latches), exhuast (slight bend and or re weld), airbox (needs extended to go around yz250 air filter, and rear fenders (trim or pull back to clear kickstart lever)